About Rosevelt Browne

Rosevelt Browne is the name with fourteen years’ service. He is a Sergeant of Police and presently stationed at All Saints Police Station which forms part of "C" Division.  This division comprises of three outstations namely Dockyard Police Station, Liberta Police Station and the Divisional Headquarters All Saints Police Station.

One of Antigua’s major tourism hub is located at in this division, which is the historic "Nelson's Dockyard and Falmouth Harbour.

Mr Browne is passionate about investigations after been attached to the Criminal Investigation Department for a total of eight (8) years.  He prides himself as being one of the organization's top crime investigators with a high success rate in getting convictions when matters are taken before the court.

Chairman Browne has also done stints at the Liberta Police Station, All Saints Police Station and the Beach Patrol Unit.

Prior to being a police officer, He served his country as a soldier in the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force for a period of six (6) years, four in the 1st Battalion Regiment and two years in the Coast Guard.

He has a wealth of military experiences and these experiences have helped him in his development as an individual and more so a member of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda. As a passionate and hardworking individual, he cares deeply about the "Welfare" of his Colleagues, hence the reason that drove him as a successful candidate in the recent elections for the Police Welfare Association; of which he is now the Chairman.

His team, "Team Pioneer" was successful as well as three other officers who ran independently.

He noted “I am humbled to serve as Chairman for the next two years.  With the assistance of my five powerful females who I refer to as “Treasures” I can assure you my regional counterparts that my team will be the driving force in realizing the long-awaited dreams of the Royal Police Force of Antigua.”

He is optimistic that we will turn those dreams of, better working conditions, risk allowance, health insurance, training and development for the members of their esteemed establishment, among others, into reality.

His team has challenged its members to partner and stand firm with the new executive during their tenure as they will vigorously seek to bring about a change in the lives of the membership and the organization as a whole. Expressed his willingness to develop a fruitful relationship with the regional body.

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