CFPWA Elects more female to serve on its Executive Committee

The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA) celebrates Ms. Nathalie John as the First Female to be elected to serve as 2nd Vice President, as we continue to promote Gender Equality within the Executive Committee.

The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA) is pleased to inform you that Ms. Nathalie John of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Services is the first female to ever hold the esteemed position of 2nd Vice President within the organisation since it was established in 2007. Ms. John's election marks a significant milestone in the CFPWA's history, as it demonstrates the organisation's commitment to gender equality and recognises the important role of women in leadership positions.

Mrs. Tricia Durant-Charles of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service was also elected as Public Relations Officer (PRO). Ms. John and Mrs. Durant-Charles join Mrs. Tammika Lall-Williams of the Royal Turks and Caicos Island Police Force as Assistant General Secretary and Ms. Somorrow Quashie of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadine Police Force, who was re-elected as Assistant Treasurer to the Executive Committee.

The Welfare Associations and Federations around the region met under the theme "Building and Sustaining Police Officers' Welfare in the Caribbean for Better Societies Across the Region" from May 24th–26th, 2023, at the Bel Jou Hotel, St. Lucia.

This exemplifies the organisation's unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality and inclusivity within its structure. Previous years saw the CFPWA Executive Committee comprise entirely of male representatives; the CFPWA now boasts 36% female representation, with four out of the eleven (11) Executive Members being women. This significant milestone reinforces the CFPWA's stance that gender should never be a barrier to leadership positions, but rather competence and dedication should prevail.

"The CFPWA recognises that gender equality is vital for the growth and progress of our organisation and the police forces/services we represent," stated Mr. Sean McCall, President of the CFPWA. "We are proud to have four (4) exemplary female representatives at this level, representing the welfare of the law enforcers across the region, and we celebrate the increased female representation within our Executive Committee. This accomplishment is a testament to our commitment to promoting fairness, inclusivity, and diversity."

The CFPWA remains steadfast in its mission to advocate for fair promotions across the police forces/services within the Caribbean region. By electing competent individuals to serve on the Executive Committee, regardless of their gender, the CFPWA continues to reinforce the principles of meritocracy and the importance of effective leadership.